All You Need To Know About Adult Sperm Count

Sperms are very important because they help to fertilize the ovum to form a zygote. The zygote later develops into an embryo which further develops into a baby. However, there are men who cannot make women conceive because of low sperm count. This is a problem that is affecting many adult men. Unfortunately, most of them are not ready to share their problem. This prevents them from getting the right assistance in time. Their condition therefore worsens.

There are different causes of low sperm count. They are classified into different categories such as lifestyle, environment, medical and more. We are going to look at some of these causes so that you can understand better and take care. These are some of the causes:


Excessive consumption of alcohol- Too much consumption of alcohol reduces the level of testosterone hormone. This in turn leads to reduction in the production of sperms. The end result is low sperm count.

Use of drugs- Use of drugs such as steroids can cause testicles to shrink or decrease in size. This reduces their ability to synthesize more sperms thus leading to low sperm count.

Stress- Emotional stress affects the normal functioning of body hormones that help in the production of sperms. When they are affected, you will definitely experience low sperm production.

Occupation- You job can affect sperm production. For example, if it involves too much sitting e.g. truck driving or exposure to excess heat e.g. welding.

Bathing hot water- Bathing hot water hinders the production of sperms because of the high temperatures. This leads to low sperm count.

Obesity- Excessive fatness alters the normal functioning of body hormones including those that play a role in the production of sperms. Such hormonal changes may lead to infertility.

Medical Causes

Diseases – There are some diseases that can inhibit the production of sperms by an adult man or block the path through which sperms move. This leads to low sperm count. Such diseases include epididymitis, gonorrhea and orchitis.

Retrograde ejaculation- This occurs when semen containing sperms enters bladder instead of penis when an individual is ejaculating.

Antibodies-There are certain antibodies that wrongly identify sperms as a foreign body. They therefore fight to eliminate them. In the end, the individual will experience low sperm count.

Environmental Causes

Industrial chemicals- Chemicals like benzene, pesticides, herbicides, toluene and more can lead to low sperm count.

Exposure to radiations- Frequent exposure to radiations such as X-ray can reduce the production of sperms

Exposure to heavy metals- When an adult man exposes himself to heavy metals like lead, he will experience low sperm count and eventually become impotent.

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